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Neighborhood Sponsorship

Email to Kalamoo with us!
Foam Fun


Say it with bubbles!

2 hour event with a mountain of foamy bubbles.

Ultimate Movie Night


One full length movie night on a giant movie screen and popcorn galore!

10x15 blow up Movie Screen

Popcorn for 100 people

Projector and sound equipment



Sponsor a unique educational outreach that kids of all ages can enjoy!

Foam Machine

Art &/or Science activities

Your imagination! Help us tailor the event to your vision!


What does Kalamoo do?

At Kalamoo, we are committed to serving our community. We strive to help under-resourced communities by partnering with local nonprofits and organizations. Our goal is to offer enjoyable and educational activities in their neighborhoods, promoting positive relationships and providing access to resources that can improve their community.


Why sponsor a neighborhood?

One of the biggest concerns in Suffolk and the Western Tidewater area is the lack of kid-friendly activities that are easily accessible. To address this issue, we have spent the last ten years volunteering and organizing community events, building relationships with local leaders. As a result, we are now collaborating with these leaders to provide STEAM-related outreach programs to these neighborhoods. Our activities offer both entertainment for children and valuable resources for their parents and guardians.

I want to be a sponsor! What now?

Great news! Here are the next steps to get started:

1. Reach out to Kalamoo at

2. Let us know which type of event you would like to sponsor from the three options listed above.

3. If you have a specific neighborhood in mind that could benefit from an outreach program, please share it with us. We can work together to make it happen!

4. Volunteering with us is optional, but highly recommended. It's a fun and fulfilling experience to volunteer at your sponsored event with Kalamoo. Give it a try!

5. Once you've had a great experience with us, share it with your friends and help us reach even more communities!

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